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Fast rising vocalist Victor Ruz spills all his secrets

Fast rising vocalist Victor Ruz a.k.a Nile Prince recently released the visuals of his new song dubbed “Kikomando” in which he tries to mend his own broken heart. Victor Ruz is a youngster on the rise in the music industry behind songs like “Love Legend”, “Kako” (feat. Fille), “Nesiga” (feat. Shammy K). We caught up with him

You clearly look fresh and young, when did you join the music industry?

Victor: I joined last year in September. I’m One Year old in the music industry

You’re a producer and same time singer, how do you mix the two?

Victor: Am focusing on singing first, I Only lay out my projects beds I don’t produce Songs

What was your first breakthrough song?

Victor: It is called Love legend. It has been a hit all over and I am glad people love it so much.

Who inspired you to turn into a singer?

Victor: My mother. She has been an icon in my life. She spotted a talent in me. She inspires me a lot. Personally I love entertaining people. MOM inspired me, she was a church choir member but a bad Singer. She used to love singing though she couldn’t sound to listeners’ satisfaction. So I always wanted to make her dream come true through me, in case if God provides me with that chance

Today the industry is growing at a very terrible speed, how are you prepared for the competition?

Victor;  I am not in competition with the industry. I am simply here to entertain my people and I’ve got good things in abundance

By the way what is your motive in this industry?

Victor: Delivering my inner sound to a big audience is my motive

Putting your lenses together, predict the future of Ugandan music in the next 10 years.

Victor: Music will be more of streaming than it is Today

Young and upcoming singers have been accused of giving us bubble gum music, how different is yours?

Victor: I give my music time because I respect my listeners, I’m not minding much on money in this game I just want to deliver what people need to consume. And that’s what I call my inner sound

You’re working with Azawi and Martha Mukisa, how did you meet?

Victor: I am working with Martha Mukisa and we connected when I asked my management(RETRO RECORDS) to chose for me an artist I can collaborate with on my KIKOMANDO REMIX SONG so little did I know that they were already in touch with Martha’s Management (Black Magic) so the Managements connected us

What is the message behind Kikomando’s hit song?

Voctoe: KIKOMANDO is a story I wrote earlier last year talking about people in relationships having some wrangles and those relationships fights etc. So I related the KIKOMANDO theme to the action packed movies. Meaning  Iam tired of these fights we keep having in our relationship, I need us to love each other like cool love story movies

Among other female Ugandan singers, who would you wish to work with?

Victor:  Spice Diana, Juliana Kanyomozi, Cindy Sanyu, Vivian Tendo

What is your latest new project?


Away from music, are you married?

 Victor: NO Lol.

If not, which Ugandan celeb would you wish to marry or bed?

Victor: I am focusing on my career currently. My mind is only on how to hit higher heights in the music industry. I’ll think about such maybe later.

How have you handled Covid 19 lock down?

Victor: I thank God I’ve passed through this period with a hit song (KIKOMANDO) so I’ve been promoting this till Now. Also.. I’ve been working on some projects in my studio.

Tell your fans your message for the next five years.

Victor: You never know what tomorrow brings but they should just believe in me their ka JinjaBoy I’ll not disappoint them at any point and if God Provides, In 5yrs We’ll Be Too Far – VR Family.

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