Interview: Momo 19 speaks out on her career & love life

Interview: Momo 19 speaks out on her career & love life

Daxx Kartel cleans the house to kill boredom and I check his phone whenever i want”

Actress, Model and BBS TV presenter girlfriend Maureen Naluwooza better known by her name Momo 19 has talked to us about her budding career, family and love.

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First of all how true are these ongoing stories that your man does house chores as you sit and watch tv?

Momo: Well , he does that once in a while just only to kill the boredom but it’s me who does house chores on a daily basis, and point of correction , watching tv ain’t my thing so they lied about that !

One time it was reported in the media that you earn much bigger than him, how does it feel?

Momo: How did they get to know that ? Do they check my bank accounts ? Do they know how much I earn even ? Daxx earns more than me, period .

You’re a very hard working woman, how do you mix business with family?

Momo: There is time for each

Is true you’re wedding in up next

 Momo: If God wishes why not ? Lol

Being a girlfriend to a musician, how do you handle the girls that are always throwing themselves on him?

Momo: Have never seen any girl throwing herself on him for sure.

Do you really check his phone?

Momo: I check his phone if I want and the same way round

Let us talk about business, you run a salon, how and when did this idea start?

Momo: I don’t run the saloon , I am just an ambassador for that saloon called Lady moreen unisex beauty saloon  I got that endorsement a month back though I enjoy working in the saloon .

Your salon is always visited by top celebrities and well to do people, do you have services for a middle income earner?

Momo: Actually, our prices are too affordable. We even have services for 5k can u imagine , even our skin products are too affordable as well so please try us .

Do you also sell human hair?

 Momo: Yes we sell them and braids

What are your rates then?

Momo: Like I said , our services start from 5k and above .

Do you get time to be there and monitor your salon business?

 Momo: As an ambassador I get time for the business from Monday to Thursday.

Is it true you’re the boss of Nab- Hermu tours and travel company?

Momo: Am actually not the boss of Nab-Hermu tours and travel company, am the marketing manager/ digital influencer but I play very big role in the company I can’t disclose everything on here.

What exactly does the company specialise in?

Momo: We offer services like , visa processing and guidance, air ticketing, local and international tours , passports, then cargo shipping from countries like ; Oman , Saudi Arabia, Dubai , abudhabi, Uk , USA, Turkey, Egypt and more to come .

So many Ugandans seeking to travel abroad have fallen victims of such companies, how different is yours?

Momo: All I can say is that our services are legit and transparent

What are your new strategies as the government is about to open airports considering the covid 19 pandemic?

 Momo: Nothing really much , we are just ready to serve our clients as we also encourage them to follow the governments’ rules and regulations.

Why should Ugandans trust you?

Momo: Ugandans should know that Nab-Hermu tours and travel company offers excellent services temuli byakifeere so for Information they can use on +256 756 544 856 / +971 58 629 6518 / 0704 484 022 . Thank you so much

Youre last remarks to your clients

Momo: Last remarks , I call upon all my ladies with skin problems like pimples, stretch marks, dark spots , scars etc to try our products and also brides we have Gomesis , changing dresses, wedding gowns and good makeup They can reach us on 0701 665 675/ 0759 095 810. Thank you.

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