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Fashion: Latif set to hold winter photoshoot in Denmark

Fashion icon Latif Kasumba Madoi is truly making it big fashionwise. Latest information reaching our desk has it that under his fashion label,  Latif Madoi is holding a winter photoshoot in February 2020 in the Schengen.

It will be one of the kind, we can confirm.

Speculations are, this photoshoot has high chances of being showcased in Denmark.


Seeing from Brenda Eunice’s Facebook profile, not to forget she is a Ugandan Denmark based scribe who freelances in media and fashion for modelling.

We can confirm Denmark is the place to be if you want to be part of Latif’s fashion show named “Winter Photoshoot 2020”.

A source heard one model say, “This time around I was dressed by Latif Kasumba Madoi, I can’t wait to wear one of his winter garments that will be presented in his upcoming winter photoshoot in Schengen,”.

Uganda and Denmark fashion connection. Watch the space!!!

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