Fashion, Glitz and premium aesthetics served at the Tanqueray Dress up and Brunch Affair

Fashion, Glitz and premium aesthetics served at the Tanqueray Dress up and Brunch Affair

Kampala: On Saturday March 12th, fashion enthusiasts and gregarious individuals thronged Protea Hotel in Kampala for the first ever “Dress up and Brunch” with Tanqueray.

The event was a whole different vibe; the flair, glitz, color, different-but-all-classy fashion tastes, Tanqueray cocktails, and good food.

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Right from the onset, guests were greeted with the most appealing picturesque scenes, that provided a perfect opportunity for everyone that went out of their way to dress up for the event, to feel their fashion sense was indeed appreciated.

Not even the brief downpour during the earlier hours into the brunch, held up guests; they continued to pour in in small groups, and by evening, the venue was full to capacity.

As anticipated, the guests took to capturing all the beautiful moments, and kept updating their socials. Food lovers raided the bottomless brunch siesta that had a large menu serving, with an offering for everyone including all the favorite traditional breakfast items, local dishes and a selection of delicious pastries.

The ambience was nothing short of exquisite, and DJ Alisha set the perfect mood for the party-goers. The day turned to nightfall smoothly as many transitioned into a high tempo party mode once the sun went down.

“As anticipated, the Dress up and Brunch affair has turned out spectacularly. The anticipation for a premium and glamorous brunch affair like none other has lingered for long, and we’re glad Tanqueray has finally landed it.This has been a marvel and our vision is to continue delivering a premium experience; we can’t wait to bring it back two times better,” remarked Simon Lapyem the Innovations Project Manager at UBL.

The tempo kept rising, and even after midnight, guests were delighted to stay as many clearly weren’t yet ready to leave the party mood and end their Saturday extravaganza.

The Dress Up & Brunch was hosted by Elyt magazine in partnership with Mr. Eventc and sponsored by Tanqueray. It is expected to be a recurring social event.

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