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Famous pork eatery Kabagarame burnt to ashes

Reconstruction has already started to have the joint restored by Saturday

In an unfortunate incident, Uganda’s most popular pork selling joint Kabagarame was last evening burnt to ashes. The market located in Igara County, Bushenyi, is a haven for pork lovers every Saturday when the place operates.

Close to 40 grass thatched huts that were at the place were burnt.

Sources at the scene told this website that about 40 huts were burnt at Kabagarame and only about 15 are standing. The fire seems to have originated from Young boys who were playing at Kabagarame.

Apparently the boys lit the fire and couldn’t put it out until Police fire fighters came in. It looks there was no malice aforethought.

Leaders and businessmen from the area have promised to provide support to the entrepreneurs to enable them reelect the huts by business day on Saturday.

Fires have been rampant in the country especially in northern Uganda where hundreds of homes (huts) have been burnt. “Kabagarame should be made great and better again,” a customer said.

“Yes we are coming in to support our people. And we are mobilising support now. It will be announced today. But be sure that Kabagarame will be fully operational by Saturday,” a patron said.

People of Bushenyi have called on each other to stand together and support the rebuilding process.

“Members we need to stand with our brothers and sisters operating from Kabagarame.  That place supports many families directly and it’s a major source of revenue for our municipality”

Other members have called on the place operators to put up Iron thatched houses instead of grass moving forward while said changing from grass thatched would jeopardize and dilute their branding strategy.

The place is famous for providing top notch pork with hot mingled millet, smashed matooke and local brews like Tonto and many others.

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