Face Off Releases ‘Nakumiss’ Video

 This year may not be easy for some artists in the music industry as upcoming artists are working tooth and nail to break through in the music industry.Face OffFace Off

As Ugandans living in South Africa are busy splashing money in clubs and importing posh cars to Uganda, Face Off, a Ugandan artist based in South Africa is busy injection millions of money in his West Coast Music Empire. This is after he released a big budget video last week of his new single ‘Nakumiss (I Miss You)’ that was directed by Sasha Vbyes. Sasha left Globetk to pursue his videography in the southern Africa state. The video tells a life of events where someone is arrested from his house and taken to jail and starts missing the love of his life. If you have been, wondering where Bushoke is then you will definitely see him somewhere in the video as a prisoner. Rumour has it that Face Off will be in Kampala very soon to promote Nakumiss track.

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