Exclusive: Nigerian Singer Waje in Kenya To Collaborate With Ivorian Artiste Serge Baynaud

Waje is back on coke studio Africa & set to record music produced by Uganda’s Bushingtone

The acclaimed Nigerian power vocalist Waje of the “Omini Knowest” fame is in Kenya thanks to the upcoming new season of Coke Studio Africa! The singer is in Nairobi recording music in collaboration with Ivorian multi-talented performing artiste, Serge Beynaud, considered as the musical phenomenon of the French speaking youth and best known for the hit first album Seul Dieu. Waje and Serge will be produced by the Ugandan producer Bushingtone, Radio & Weasel’s long-term collaborator.

Waje II

Speaking exclusively on the DISCOVER themed season and her experience, she said, “Since the last time I was on Coke Studio Africa [things have changed]. It’s interesting because the last two times I worked with East African artistes: Diamond and Navio,” adding, “Now I am working with Serge Beynaud from Côte d’Ivoire. We have a language barrier and that makes me very curious to know more and learn.”

Waje I

So far, the artistes have made beautiful sounds that will definitely unite African music fans. Waje revealed on working with Serge and Bushingtone, “We have a lot of in common! When the beat first came out we both put in similar melodies,” adding on the cultural exchange, “We hope to explore Kenya more, meet people and eat good food. Because of Serge now I am speaking French. I am optimistic of the things he will teach me and how I will diffuse that into my music and share my experience with my fans.” Another reason as to why the new season of Coke Studio Africa can’t be missed! Wait and watch Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire.

Waje made her breakthrough when she remade a P Square hit DO Me. She participated in MTV South Africa’s Advanced Warning Reality TV Show, where she came out as the first runner up. By the time she released her single “For A Minute”, she had cemented her position as one of Nigeria’s biggest acts to watch. She continues to enjoy both critical and commercial acclaim as one of Africa’s most respected musicians.

Waje III

Serge Beynaud is a beloved entertainer from Côte d’Ivoire. After the success of his debut album Seul Dieu, Serge’s rise to success was cemented by a 2012 concert at the Culture House of Abidjan filling 5000 seats. He then followed up on his growth by non-stop tours, singles, concerts in Europe, Africa and USA. Serge Beynaud continues to conquer new territories.

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