Exclusive Interview: Bosschic in making!!

Exclusive Interview: Bosschic in making!!

Olivia Kentie is Entebbe based socialite and model who is aspiring to take the top spot on the social scene and become a Bosschic. She talked to Showbiz Uganda about her life and what future holds for her. Read on…
Showbiz Uganda: Tell us who is Olivia Kentie?
Olivia Kentie: Olivia Kentie is a young lady with a humble profile. A lover of God, Life and Fashion
Showbiz Uganda: What do you do for a living?
Olivia Kentie:  I am employed with a dispatch company. I also run my own moderate scale business. To add on by the way, I’m super hard working and when it comes to my work, I’m quite unique and different, I work with results.

Showbiz Uganda: Tell us about your life as a model and socialite?
Olivia Kentie: I started modeling some years back while still in school, been so passionate about modeling for a long time that at some point it almost costed me a relationship.
I have met most of the people I work with in the fashion and modeling industry through collaborations and endorsements from different entities, it’s a wonderful experience I must say. Though lately, i am more into fashion itself than modeling due to time and a lot of demands on my personal life.
Showbiz Uganda: Where do you see yourself in the next five years 
Olivia Kentie: I see myself very successful in the field of business. I should be able to employ people and change their lives economically. I also see myself an influential fashion Icon working with remarkable companies to have a special impact on the fashion industry.

Showbiz Uganda: What are your plans as a slay queen after the COVID-19 pandemic?
Olivia Kentie: Actually I’m no Slay queen, I find this tittle not for me. I prefer to be addressed as boss girl on a low.  About COVID-19 I really urge people to stay home, keep safe  and follow government procedures. A lot has happened in the shortest time and my lesson from this is that planning for uncertainty is necessary, life is precious too.

Relating this pandemic to fashion, i know a lot will change, challenges too will arise.
I was nominated in some fashion Awards that were scheduled for March but didn’t take place and this impacted on most of us, I can no longer go out to take my photos peacefully while enjoying the sun, no coffee, no dates or meetings, no link-ups with friends, no showing up like I love to call it but all good, Life is more important.
Showbiz Uganda: Who are your idols in life?
Olivia Kentie: My idols are; First my Mom..,
Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Winnie Byanyima and Bonang Matheba.  All these ladies I look up to and I love them.
Showbiz Uganda: Which international celebrity would you love to meet in life 
Olivia Kentie: Rihanna and Nicki Minaj of course
Showbiz Uganda: What’s your comment about Uganda’s modeling industry 
Olivia Kentie: Uganda’s modeling industry is growing, a lot of great achievements have been reached, research on how to improve is also taking place, I would like to commend the brains behind model scout agents like Joram Muzira Job of JMM, Gala Model management and Miss Uganda Planners among others .
This has helped with model talent identification and nurturing. Their results are really visible we can all see. Kudos!!
Showbiz Uganda: Would you call yourself then next Bosslady or Bosschic?
Olivia Kentie: Like I mentioned earlier
I see myself a boss girl and that’s it, the title will grow more with achievements, experience and age.
Showbiz Uganda: What do you do in your free time 
Olivia Kentie: My free time is usually to reply messages, emails and tweets from different people. I love family time too, i take photos and I meditate a lot.
Showbiz Uganda: What irritates you in life?
Olivia Kentie: What irritates me; People that don’t mind their business, ones that live their lives for others. I get irritated with gossipers as well as low life haters.
Showbiz Uganda: What are three things you can’t live without?
Olivia Kentie:  I can’t live without Prayer,
I love music it’s generally part of me
I like my phone too, a bit addictive.

Showbiz Uganda: What is your last message to young girls aspiring to be like you out there
Olivia Kentie: My message to especially the young girls out there is …. There’s nothing more empowering than working so hard on your dreams, knowing your values and dignity, so many girls lose focus along the way, they get lost with desperate times and forget no results come on a silver platter, many people we look up to and admire are restless with their dreams, they want to achieve more but they are so focused, this is key.

While working hard to become who you want to, don’t forget yourself along the way, keep in mind you are your biggest motivator and everything is possible. Most of my achievements were once and still are freaky dreams but I never gave up on me up to now.
Keep your values and standards higher, avoid getting desperate since there’s a lot of unprofessionalism in the industry.
Lastly don’t forget to pray, God listens and Acts. Keep safe!!!
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