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EXCLUSIVE: Disgruntled Bad Black’s new con tricks unmasked

She hired a hacker to hack into David’s account

By court order Bad Black is supposed to pay back a certain sum of money to David Greenhalgh and in this apparent bid to do that she claims she has got a first payment of $700,000 to make.

But seems Bad Black is back to her old tricks. Latest info reaching our desk has it she has teamed up with a group of South African based Ugandans popularly known as ‘Sangamos’ to con David Greenhalgh of more money.

Bad Black is desperate to con David Greenhalgh again
Bad Black is desperate to con David Greenhalgh again

Sources say the sharp ‘Sangomas’ have given advised her to get David’s Laptop to disguise as if she wants to make the online payment of $700,000 Greenhalgh’s account but unknown to David her need for his laptop is to mirror his account onto a device thus giving them access to all his banking details in effect cleaning him dry under the impression of paying him back apparently by online transfer.

In the leaked WhatsApp chat messages, she is pleading with Greenhalgh to come with his laptop and his modem only but he insists on bank with witnesses and lawyers but she still insists that they go only two of them to make the transfer online.

What started as a bid to get Greenhalgh’s lover Dorothy’s nudes exposed to discredit her image in public ended up into what’s being unraveled here as a master class plan to dry the British tycoon’s account.

But in the process Bad Black failed to pay the hacker and now the disgruntled and bitter hacker has so much more information that can sink her.

That’s how the ‘Sangomas’ have cleaned accounts of unsuspecting victims.

Sources say the plan was hatched by Meddie Ssentongo while in South Africa. He is these days frequently visiting Madiba land and we are told that’s his plan.

Although in the chat she denies talking to Meddie, it is said the plan was under cover. “I don’t even talk to Meddie, you need to help with children, they have no food,” Bad Black said.

In the chats, Bad Black wants money to travel to Thailand and at times, he exchanged bitter words with David over the issue. She tried to get access to David’s Laptop but all in vain.

How Bad Black’s move to dry David’s account was hatched?

They say sometimes Fate favours, those with customized signature Obama ears. These satellite receivers have become my money minting creed.

Well enough about myself procrastination. This is the hottest scoop on the 7 hills of this dusty city we embrace Kampala. The city that never runs out of hustlers, short callers and above all the sleekly dressed, suave, well groomed young business tycoons as they tend to flamboyantly exude their pomposity of relevance to social circles of the crème’ de la crème legion of this dusty town.

Well! They need no introduction as you can sniff their cologne a mile away. Did I mention the cars. It’s a whole packaged. To suit the unsuspecting client, excuse my opulence in giving this lot such a grand entrance, they thrive on it, it feeds their so depleted egos and I just couldn’t deny them their self-proclaimed Right.

However, in actual sense when the entire mask is removed these are low life, certified Con Artists who have mastered the craft so well it’s become their other self. Old habits die hard don’t they!

Well well well!!! Hottest news on the vine yard was celebrated sangoma without introduction who only drinks Fiji water “mbu, lost a bet he made on Social media to bankroll Bad Blacks music if France won , well we all thought it was his level of sarcasm getting a boost, then we gather Bad Black who is proud to admit that if the money is in hand, her legs will open faster than the Google pages. Leading to the Gitawo hookup because his bed antics aren’t segregative to the heinous side effects of a moving chemical plant: “Bad Black” The puzzle begins to fit with Meddie’s constant trips to Madiba’s land where jigsaw is being hatched.

A pack of ‘thieves’ is glued together by greed and the insatiable want for more especially and some are choking on debts on every side of the horizon. Once the plan is orchestrated, the pack becomes a brotherhood thick as thieves.

We have been following our self-proclaimed head of the pack of female con artists whose statements change faster than a child’s diaper, however such is the mind games she plays on her followers who are like sheep following the cattle to the slaughter house. This thieving well lapped it on us and we were like Holy Grail…manna from Heaven.

From the horse’s mouth, after guzzling a drum of alcohol let loose on their biggest heist so far. Quoted saying ” ngenda neera kuyooola omudidi gwa Obama, queen buli kika kya sente this week. This one is air tight “I was paid billions for sex Leero is payback” no one can compete with mermaid of seduction” she intimated to her friend” Leero deal yayabise. He can’t control my seduction’ and they were thrown in to hysterical laughter. Toasting to a rich life. Our snoop was left wondering who would be so naive to be conned or lied to again by her, is it British tycoon David Greenhalgh? Or the white man she said she was dating?

Keep it locked and loaded … because as of this week Bad black and crew will be splashing all sorts of currency as before. Before this scrupulous ordeal goes down I must apply for her personal guard. Keep it locked we shall await the Return of Bad Black. Kampala are you ready”

Below is leaked WhatsApp chat:
































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