Duhuze Festival, Meet and Greet Edition

Duhuze Festival, Meet and Greet Edition

Duhuze Festival is organized by a vibrant team of youth that will unveil their identity during the event on the 16th day of April 2022 at Central Perk Old Kira Road Bukoto.

For the past couple of weeks, the streets have been awashed by a new wave of Bafumbira youth with yet another opportunity to bring Bafumbira, Banyakigezi and friends of Bafumbira, together.

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This new initiative has taken social media platforms by the storm, it is evident that the responsible team has a fire that is not about to burn out soon.

From what I have heard, Duhuze Festival is not meant to be an ordinary initiative as the plan is much bigger than this meet and greet. It is set out to tap into the uniqueness of a young passion and energy of youth, through exquisite event experiences and other experiences yet to be unearthed.

Duhuze Festival is meant to erase the notion that celebrating heritage is boring and for the older generation.So if you’re wondering what to expect, there is only one way to find out, come through.

However, to answer the many questions flying around, Duhuze Festival has not come to replace any other group but rather to supplement them. It is here to simply be the icing on the cake. It long awaited missing link.

Duhuze Festival seeks to bring together all youth to not only “vibe” but also celebrate their heritage with the aim of building a strong youth network.Tickets to the event have been on sale and will also be available at the gate at shs 10,000 each.

This fee covers the entrance charge and the various games that will be available to encourage interaction, connecting and networking.

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