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Dr. Hilderman set to release new 12-Track Album dubbed “Favor”

Singer turned politician Dr. Hilderman is set to release a new album, we can confirm.
Hon. Hilary Kiyaga popularly known as Dr Hilderman who is Uganda’s Shadow Minister  for Arts said the 12-track music album dubbed “Favor” will be dropping soon.
The National Unity Platform (NUP) lawmaker made the news about his upcoming music album known through his Facebook account where he let his fans and followers know that in his free time, he hits the studio and records song new music.
He explains that the 12-tracks were selected from the 25 songs he recorded during the musical break he took as he concentrated more on his political career which saw him beat veteran Ugandan politician Amelia Anne Kyambadde in the race for Mawokota North member of parliament seat in the 2021 general elections.
He adds that celebrated videographer Shasha vibes directed and produced the visuals for their last single on the album titled “Murder Dem“.
“Away from legislation, am DR. HILDERMAN the artist. Ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of time in the studio, the album is ready. The 12-track album has been selected from the 25 songs I’ve recorded during this musical break.
The team opted to name the album “FAVOR”. Shasha Vibes………..on last touches of the video for our introduction single Murder Dem.
New year new everything ……..Ears soon testing the magic touch and sound from wokota Land!! Stay blessed”, Dr. Hilderman shared.
He is yet to reveal which exact day he will be releasing the album but the public is ready to receive some good melodies from the “Mazogonto” hit fame singer.

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