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Dorothy to launch DC Collectionz in October

 Socialite businesswoman Dorothy Cashie Madam (Shonga) is flying high in business, we can confirm. She is set to launch her shoe brand under DC Collectionz. Below is her full statement regarding the launch.
“In life never be afraid to start something new.
Its an opportunity to build what you truly want. I was a less privileged child who got to know shoes when i was in primary 6, i remember when i bought my first plastic shoe SOFIA FROM BATA i said to God “i wanna own my own shoe brand”.
Since 2016 been having not less than 100 pairs of shoes in my closet and for that people been calling me SHOE GENERAL. Since May this year i have been working on my own brand of shoes, all to the postive prayer i said as a little girl. You might not have all your heart desires now but never talk ill about yourself always declare positivity. for God said our words got power to build and destroy that when we make a decree it shall come to pass. Ladies and gentlemen introducing my shoe line scheduled to launch in October  DC COLLECTIONZ,” Dorothy posted.

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