Customer Inclusion to make the Brand

Customer Inclusion to make the Brand

People relate with brands based on their experience and interface with the services or products provided by the company.

As opposed to the niche definition of what a brand is; merely a representation, symbol, logo, or mark to differentiate products from others, a brand is a way of life for how consumers experience what is being offered.

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A bad experience creates a tainted brand, while a good experience grows the relationship between product and consumer, hence the make or break!This also applies to the people behind your service; the employees.

These being the first brand ambassadors for the company, their sacrifice to offer the best and more to ensure smooth business operations is one to be hailed too.

This year’s customer week’s theme is “Celebrate Service” Can a business celebrate service without a team, and can a team exist without people to service?

Undoubtedly no, given that most prized achievements for a brand or company stem from the two, from the first million to expansions, awarding excellence, and building a long-standing brand.

For a consumer to buy into the emotional level of your service or product, a smart sync of their needs and the company goals is required. They tend to lean towards companies that take a stand on values. Hence why the customer week celebrations are important to us as a player in the PAY TV industry.

Fortunately, this fete falls under the month we celebrate the anniversary of one of our prized channels that is dedicated to promoting the growth of local content across the borders.

Pearl Magic TV marked 4 years on 1st October as a flagship channel that promotes authentic Ugandan content with shows such as Sanyu, Prestige, Date my Family, and Mizigo express amongst others.

This has been one of the ways MultiChoice Uganda has elevated both the country’s entertainment industry and given the consumers a raw and unique palate of content to enjoy while supporting the dreams of various artists who also fall also under the customer base.

Identifying opportunities to include consumers and their needs/desires has proven to build brands and create loyalty. With UCC’s expectations to have 50% local dramas broadcasted on Television, it is only the beginning for us! Circling back to the celebration of service, our efforts to promote local content is a way of expressing our appreciation towards the people that make the MultiChoice brand what is today, the viewers, actors, staff, partners, and the general public at large.

Let’s always remember that when take good care of something, it in turn takes good care of us. Same applies to customers and the team that makes it all happen. Happy Customer Service month!

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