Crested Capital scoops FiRe Award

Crested Capital scoops FiRe Award

Crested Capital made history by winning the 2016 Financial Reporting Award in the category of “Brokerage Organisations” for Outstanding Achievement in Financial Reporting at the 6th Edition of Financial Reporting Awards (FiRe Awards) hosted by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) on 10th November, 2016 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.


The FiRe Awards event is an annual event whose aim is to promote best practices in financial reporting in Uganda.

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The theme for this year’s FiRe Awards was; “Building Stakeholder Confidence” and it was at this edition that the Brokerage Organisations Category was created and competed for.

As such, Crested Capital is proud to be the pioneer winner of this award. Participation by other
Organisations/companies was encouraged by the FiRe Awards Committee for continuous bench marking and improvement in financial reporting.


The President of the Institute of CPA Uganda (ICPAU), Mr Protazio Begumisa, in his published remarks for the 2016 Financial Reporting Awards Programme, encouraged organisations to participate in the awards saying ”good financial reporting is undoubtedly a measure of business success.”

Mr. Robert Baldwin, the Chief Executive Officer of Crested Capital said, “this Award is a sign that the company has come a long way in Financial Reporting. As the Chairman of the Uganda Securities Broker Dealer Association, I encourage other Members of the Uganda Securities Exchange and CMA Licensees to participate in future FiRE awards.

With the Brokerage organisations category now in place, we are sure that many other brokerage firms can rise to the occasion and compete in the awards. Crested Capital is committed to providing sufficient information to all stake holders and we’ll be back for next year’s FiRE Awards.”

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