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Comedians Salvado, Muhangi reunite

Two of city’s funniest men Patrick Idringi Salvado and Alex Muhangi have reunited after a short fall out. The two joined each other at The 400 last night during The Comedy Store hoisted by Alex Muhangi. Salvdo alongside a number of comedians performed at the show which confirmed that the two have buried their differences.

Salvado went on to post the picture of the two together on his social media platforms with these words “Hi Alex… it’s been a while since we had a drink?? —with Alex Muhangi Comedian”.

The two had exchanges and fell out when Muhangi’s Comedy Store controversially left Diners before the Salvado’s brother took over the place. Comedy Store shifted to the nearby The 400 and last night’s Salvado’s appearance means the two have ‘enmity’ behind them.

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