City Socialite flees the country over gay practice

City socialite Joram Muhooozi has fled the country for fear of his life after it was discovered that he is gay. You will hardly call him gay because his friends even know him as a womanizer because of his close relationship with girls around town.

Joram who has been putting up in Mukono, it has come to our attention how his love for boys is beyond doubt and for ages.

Joram has reportedly fled Uganda after he was accused of being gay
Joram has reportedly fled Uganda after he was accused of being gay

“I dated this guy for close to seven months and expected him to ask for sex every time I would sleep at his house but he was always keeping it a deaf ear and claiming he is so Christian and can’t do anything like sex before marriage but I was shocked to hear that he was almost killed by a gang of people who found him making out with one of his friends in Bugolobi where the duo had rented a single room to always do their ‘shit’ from,” one of his girls he lied he was dating who requested her name to be held anonymous told us.

Sources it all started during Agatako Boat Cruise as Joram donned red and white t-shirts labeled, I’m a Cruiser but just know that’s when things turned upside down for him.

Joram (in red shirt) with a friend
Joram (in red shirt) with a friend

The boat was supposed to set off at midday but it couldn’t move up to 4pm just because Joram’s boyfriend had not turned up and he kept lying to people they were waiting for others. Even the boat reached a time and left him behind only to wait for his lovebird and they later used speed boat to join others.

“I saw Joram and another dark skinned guy kissing behind the volley ball playground at the island” one of the attendants at the boat cruise said. He is so friendly with ladies to confuse people but the fact is that he has no business with ladies but hiding in them to confuse the public about his feelings for his fellow men. We are yet to find out the names and identity of his boyfriend, but our sources have it that same night after the boat cruise he didn’t come back with others but slept at the island making out a fellow male.

Sources have revealed to us that Joram has fled the country and is believed to be hiding in Europe seeking for asylum as angry Ugandans vow to finish him off if he doesn’t abandon the ‘evil’ act. Being gay in some European countries is legal unlike here in Uganda.

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