Chemmart Uganda Limited, your trusted leading medical equipment supplier

Chemmart Uganda is one of Uganda’s leading suppliers of medical
equipment, surgical instruments, hospital disposable products &
orthopaedic products.

They offer a variety of professional medical equipment needed by
health care providers. The company has one of the best prices on
diagnostic equipment, exam room furniture, weighing and measuring
devices, and basic medical equipment such as stethoscopes,
thermometers, and sphygmomanometers. We are sure to meet all your needs for quality medical equipment!

The company’s management told this website that their mission is to
provide top quality long lasting, innovative technological equipment
to improve the health and medical practices in Africa.

“We strive for value, efficiency, quality and convenience. We also
Endeavour to understand changes in clients requirements. To provide
highest standards of services tailored to meet every individual
circumstance,’ Management said.

Here are what is offered at Chemmart; Dental devices and equipment,
Physiotherapy devices and equipment, Renal Therapy equipment, ICU
Equipment, Precision Medical Scales – Adult & Pediatric, Servicing of
Medical equipment.

They also distribute products such as Hospital Furniture, Theatre
Equipment, Medical Imaging Radiology, Gynecology / Maternity and
Pediatric Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Hollowware,
Laboratory Equipment / Diagnostic Reagents, Homecare Medical Equipment
e.g. Blood and Glucose Monitoring, Invalid Equipment / Products,
Surgical Disposables / consumables, Hospital Planning and Design
Solutions, Dental devices and equipment.

Chemmart is ISO 9001 certified as the scope of ‘The Supply and
Distribution of Laboratory Instruments, Medical Equipment, Sundries,
related products including maintenance.

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