Cavendish University launches digital literacy drive

Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) in partnership with IBM skills academy yesterday launched a Digital literacy program that will empower students to transform into employable and entrepreneurial citizens by opening up a world of digital possibilities.

IBM is a Digital- Nation Africa (D-NA) program that has lived over 100 years plus and widely spread through several nations in Africa.

The program targets young people and provides a cloud-based learning platform designed to provide free skills development programs that will enable digital competence and the nurturing of innovation in Africa.

The program will enable students to gain the necessary skill-sets that will easily turn them into community leaders who possess the knowledge, tools to design, develop and launch their own digital solutions.

The IBM’s program is also a global push to build the next sought after generation of skill in *cyber security*, *data science*, *blockchain*, *Internet of Things (IoT)*, *artificial intelligence*, *cloud computing*, and much more ,which furthermore echoes the Mission, Vision and Academic model of the Cavendish University Uganda students.

Through a free, cloud-based, online learning environment delivered on IBM Cloud, the premier cloud platform for business, the initiative will provide a range of programs from basic IT literacy to highly sought-after, advanced IT skills including social engagement, digital privacy, and cyber protection.

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