Carol Flower’s list of what you should know about the Gospel music/ Artists

GXP Gospel show on NTV Uganda presenter Carol Flower has publicised 10 facts of what people should know about Gospel music/ singers. We reproduce for you the list as below;

  1. The Gospel artists must write down the lyrics of the songs God placed on their hearts.
  2. Take the songs to studio for production
  3. Pay for the studio sessions.
  4. Release the songs on different Media platforms
  5. Pay some media personalities/platforms so their Music is #Aired
  6. They must do video shoots for the songs.

7 . During the Shoot’s, location must be paid for, transportation of equipment, and crew must be catered for.

  1. Video production must be paid for.
  2. Wardrobe must be looked in to, makeup must be looked in to as swell.
  3. Concerts are never for free.

(All that can only be with the help of Money

They are never after money. They need money for facilitation so the Gospel is preached.

#GXP this Sunday from 9:00am to 12:30pm on NTV Uganda.

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