Cairo Bank Uganda celebrates the International Women’s Day

Cairo Bank Uganda celebrates the International Women’s Day

Kampala: Cairo Bank Uganda held a breakfast event in celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day, which is running under the theme #Breakthebias at their Head Office- Lotis Towers.

The day’s dress code for ladies was purple to signify justice and dignity while the gentle wore white shirts to represent purity.

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The Guest Speaker, Ms. Pamela Babirukamu- Co-founder of the Evolving Woman shared pointers on “Breaking Gender Biases”.

Speaking during the event, Pamela advised staff to stop comparing themselves with anyone.

“If you are single at 46, it’s okay. Everyone has a journey has a journey. And when your time comes, you will enjoy regardless.”

She added, “When a man rises quickly in ranks, they are brilliant and hardworking, when a woman rises highly quickly, it is attributed to sexual relations with the bosses.  It is a time to break these biases.“

Later, the team had panelists; Immaculate Irumba, Charles Byansi, Aisha Natunda and Derrick Kawooya who gave personal testimonies on the theme. The Ag. Managing Director, Mrs. Sylvia Jagwe Owachi, thanked Ms. Pamela Babirukamu for her wonderful highlights on the day’s theme.

During her remarks, she said “We at Cairo Bank firmly believe in gender equality and we are proud to say that we have a balanced number of employees- both female and male in every department and at all levels”.

She added, I would also like to extend a special thank you to all our brilliant staff (men included), who are helping to create a more gender-inclusive world in their respective works.”

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