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C Burn drops new love manual ‘’A Lady’s Man’’ EP

Accra, GhanaBraced with influences that range from Afrobeat to Highlife, ‘’A Lady’s Man’’ flaunts the Ghanaian artist’s highly emotive prowess and fancy for the ways to a woman’s heart. ‘’A Lady’s Man’’ EP is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here: https://cburn.hearnow.com/

‘’A Lady’s Man’’ comes together as a guide on how all men should treat their significant other, offering the perfect backdrop for the crooner to intricately paint his lover boy persona over the expanse of five songs. The solo project is rife with simple, yet beguiling songs that host self-productions from C Burn himself and three other producers; Pee GH, Willis Beatz and YOG Beatz, amid heart-warming lyricism.

Enjoy the song here https://www.youtube.com/embed/DteXak11NKQ

Of the five songs to make the EP’s cut; ‘Gold’ and ‘Makoma’ predate the extended play’s release and ease fans into the other three songs on offer. ‘Gold’ sets the charming project to a start by oozing its now familiar blend of Afrobeat and Highlife, as C Burn hails the beauty of his queen to be in much affection.

‘Makoma’ rolls in next to explore the artist’s absolute love for his favorite girl, one he elaborates on how special her love is and surrenders all of his time and energy to. ‘Wifey’, ‘Chanchico’ and ‘Chocomilo’ don’t stray too much from the project’s narrative, delivering on enticing lyrics and vibes, as well as a sweet flux of vocals from the story’s lover boy, C Burn.

The US-based artist puts yet another good foot forth on the musical plane, confident with his vocal delivery, lyrics and above all, his message of love, which fans will admit to upon the EP’s closure is worth utmost appreciation per execution and production.

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