Bryan White set to appear on Spark Tv’s Koona show

Bryan White set to appear on Spark Tv’s Koona show

Bryan White, CEO of Bryan White Foundation is set appear on Spark Tv’s entertainment program ‘Koona’ today at 10pm. The fight poverty activist will be hosted by Miles Rwamiti. Bryan will talk about his ongoing campaign to awaken the youth and other Ugandans from poverty.

“Don’t miss Bryan White CEO of Bryan white foundation today Friday on Spark Tv, program Koona at 10pm with Miles Rwamiti,” Bryan posted.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Meanwhile Bryan White has warned to general not to be duped or conned by many social media page in his names. He said many Facebook pages have been opened in his name and are promising Ugandans many free things which isn’t true.

“I would like to warn my Facebook followers that there are so many fake pages running under my names promising people free scholarships which are not true at all. For example this page under the names of brian_white official is one of the fake pages,” Bryan posted.

In related news, Bryan White has said education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. He called on parents to educate their children so as to secure their future.

Bryan White guides his kid through her school work

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world! Let us educate the children of tomorrow and secure their future!#bryanwhitefoundation,” Bryan White posted.

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