Book Review: Zenah Nakanwagi’s ‘I Am A Woman I Am Love’  book

Book Review: Zenah Nakanwagi’s ‘I Am A Woman I Am Love’ book

I Am A Woman I Am Love!!!! . Oh my God. I got the chills so many times while reading this book. It completely blew my mind. It is amazing. It managed to surpass my high expectations and be nothing at all like I expected.

If I sound stunningly inarticulate at times in this review, I can’t help it. My mind is completely fried.

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This book is like a full glass of wine, with its richly developed content about a woman.

The world-building is so fully fleshed out and spine-tinglingly terrifying that it’s almost as if Zenah travelled to every woman, heard their story, and then just wrote it all down.

I read but one poem interested me and that’s on page 87 tilted ‘Tell The Man I Love’ and it goes…

Tell the man i love
That i feel him by his presence
I feel him by his absence,
Tell him he’s of great essence,
I even hear him in silence
Tell him his love is more brutal than a pounding sledgehammer……….Read on……

I have been reluctant about reading this book though I would not have admitted it at the time, it would have gone over my head. Or at the very least, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it fully.

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