American rapper Diamond Dez’s music captures African audience

American rapper Diamond Dez’s music captures African audience

America rapper Diamond Dez’s music has caught the ear of African music lovers, we can confirm. The California based rapper’s music has started to get massive air play in African countries. Dez is excited about her latest conquer thereby getting into a music promotion deal with Ugandan promoter Tony Ocean. Today we take a long at the female’s profile. Read on….

Who is Diamond Dez?

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Diamond Dez represents the treasures that come from the pressures life can present. When her mother was young she was told she would never have children but she produced the treasure now known as Diamond Dez.  Parts of her upbringing were dark but she was always able to find an escape in music. As a child, Diamond Dez spent a lot of time in church with her grandma and her uncle who was a pastor. She sang in the choir and that’s where she developed her soulful sound.

She also had family members that were gang affiliated but Diamond Dez chose a different path. She witnessed the crime and violence of the streets at a young age and that had an affect on her.  ”I saw at a young age, I didn’t want to be like that”, says Diamond Dez. “I have so much heart for people, I was like why would I want to kill people, why would I want to hurt somebody.” After her father who is from L.A., was shot she knew she wanted a different lifestyle. “Life was a little crazy when I was growing up”, says Diamond Dez, “But it was real and it was authentic and it made me who I am.”

Diamond Dez’s started to express her feelings about life by writing poetry. Her skills as a poet allowed her to transition into rapping. She developed a style that is a mesh of hip-hop, metal, and EDM. “It was kind of war as a young kid”, says Diamond Dez, “Who am I, hip-hop or am I some rocker, eventually as I got older I realized I was both and that’s totally cool.”  Her energetic performances highlight her style, which is a melting pot of her roots. Diamond Dez’s rebellious attitude defines her ability to create her own lane that will take her talent to the top of the charts.

In 2012 her career as an alternative model led her to being discovered. She released her first EP. “I Am Diamond Dez” in 2013. Her song “Top of the World” was picked up on Bad Girls Club Reunion tv show. She embarked on an illustrious career doing shows with popular artists such as Tyga, T-pain, Snow that Product, and Lil Debbie. A chance meeting on the streets of L.A. led to her being featured in Lady Gaga’s video “Just Dance”. That event also shaped how she wanted her production to sound. She was on a meteoric rise and enjoying the rewards of her hard work.

After the release of her 2016 album “Diamond in the Rough” Diamond Dez took a little hiatus for spiritual reasons. As she was moving up in the game she felt a calling from God to follow the purpose he had for her life which was to work with youth. She started working as a Sacramento Unified School District volunteer in a program called Shine California. She now speaks with girls from high-risk areas about their worth, strength, and purpose. One of the main focuses of the program is women empowerment.  “ It’s about lifting each other up not tearing each other down, says Diamond Dez, “knowing your worth and understanding your identity, intrinsic value, and your purpose in life.”  This was a healing process and transformation for many of the girls. For the two years she didn’t perform in the public only for the youth for free.

Diamond Dez is now able to blend her purpose with her passion and put out a powerful message. “I found my purpose, I didn’t have any purpose in a sense, I was doing music because it was my passion but there was no purpose connected to it”, says Diamond Dez, “Now it all makes sense, my past, my gifts and abilities, my calling my purpose it’s all lined up.”  She is spreading a message of hope. She believes in the potential of our youth and the need to invest in them musically. “What we’re putting out there is what they will become, they need to be wise and strong,” say Diamond Dez, “I’m just trying to raise up the next generation.”

For people going through a rough time Diamond Dez says, “Never Give up, hope is real, sometimes you don’t always see the bigger picture, I never thought in million years back then that I would be sitting right here.”  Her journey included a lot of ups and downs but in the end, it all worked out.

One of her Keys to success is never giving up. “When you fail, failure is not final says Diamond Dez, “Get back up again.”  Her faith in God has also been detrimental.  “God has my back, he carries me through it, without him I wouldn’t be here”, says Diamond Dez.  She also believes in not taking no as an option. “No what do you mean no, I’m about to go climb the wall and get to it”, says Diamond Dez, “You not telling me no, that’s the rebel in me, Imma do just cause you said no.” Knowing your purpose is very important as well. “If you don’t know your purpose, you’re wasting your time, when know why you are here, you will succeed”, says Diamond Dez.

Diamond Dez is prepping her new project, which is coming out on Black Market Records. Her latest video “Kombat” displays her lyrical ability and versatility. The new project will showcase the many musical skills that make her stand out as a phenomenal artist. She is able sing and rap and her talent crosses genres to create a style she labels as Soul Trap. She was once told by Snoop Dogg, “I hope you make it because I like when artist like you make it.” Diamond Dez is making it and her impact will be felt for many years to come.

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