Aldrine Nsubuga furious with Barclays Bank for blocking his fat account

Motormouthed Liverpool diehard Aldrine  Nsubuga Senior has blasted Barclays Bank after they blocked his account with his consent.
The Sports analyst who also works with StarTimes reached Entebbe to have good time with his family only to find his account when he attempted to withdraw some money blocked. The Liverpool man has took to his Facebook platform to express his anger against the bank.
It is said the Aldrine has done excellent work for StarTimes within the East African countries and the management revenged by rewarding him with huge amounts of money as bonuses and this explains his fatty account. Below is his story and we hope Arsenal doesn’t add to his misery this weekend when they visit Anfield to play Liverpool in the Premiership’s top of the table clash;
Shame on you Barclays Bank!!!!!
For starters, been a customer for 15 years+   I am also a prestige customer.  But this is my story….
On the way to EBB airport 2 days ago, I branched off at Victoria Mall with family to kill off sometime. While there, I went to the Barclays ATM to withdraw some cash.
 Message….Sorry You can’t access services. I tried 4 times and got the same message. Panicking, I called my account manager who promptly set out to investigate. After 15 minutes I received his call and I told him, no progress had been made.
30 minutes later, a lady calls me from the bank  and this is what she said..”Mr Nsubuga, your account was blocked because in June you made a huge deposit of……. and now we want to know the source of that money. Thats why your account has been blocked.”
I was livid. I’ve never felt so insulted and made a fool of.
 Between  May – August 19th, I’d made more than 25 transactions including deposit, withdraws, online transfers etc. Even during the week when Ive been in Kampala, ive made transactions on the same account including TWICE physically going to the main branch on Kampala Rd to update my account details (KYC).  Not once has any bank official in person, email or phone…raised any issue regarding an anormally.
But some one..presumably important decided arbitrarily ..on the day when am actually leaving the block my account.
 Reason?  I made a huge deposit 3 months ago!!!
I assume that the lady who called me (names witheld) was following up on the request by my account manager to explain why my account had been arbitrarily blocked.
I will save you the discourse that followed because that lady felt the full brunt of my anger. I just wished whatever I said to her I was directly speaking with the Barclays MD or CEO or whatever….
1. I am a prestige customer. That means nothing to the very people who sign us up promising heaven on earth when we join this exclusive VIP club. No one called me before blocking the account. They are questioning how a VIP customer can have this much money to deposit on his account!!!!
2. Their action came 3 months since the questionable deposit but in between….I have made several other like deposits either through online transfers or otherwise.  No red alert.
3. The lady asked me ‘where did you get that money’…In other words, now you have got to explain to barclays where you get the money you bank with them. It does not even occur to them that you can withdraw cash from.your account in another bank and deposit  it physically to your account in their bank.
4. Do they call every one of their customer who deposits ‘huge’ sums including hundreds of millions and billions  on their account with them?  Just asking.
5.How do I kno that tomoro I will find my account intact…if I just wake up and am denied access to my own money, it means I will wake up and the account has been cleaned up…zero balance. How safe is our money?
6.  I made an online money transfer 1 week ago…Friday 16th to be specific. Till now, even after debuting my account, the beneficiary’s account has never been credited. This is the 3rd time its happening.  Isnt online banking the most efficient and reliable way of money transfer?
7. I have twice updated my personal details with the bank to reflect recent changes…..including phone number etc…..3 months later,  I still don’t get any sms or email notifications after every transaction.
In summary, Barclays Bank is punishing me for being their valued prestige customer. No access to my own money, no  access to information….etc
How it ended;
1 hour before flying out, I got a call to inform me that the matter has been resolved internally and they have unblocked the account. “You can now access your money sir” is what the caller said…..Wow…..Barclays bank telling me when to access my own money and when not to.
I had decided to keep silent and let the matter pass. It is the failure of Barclays to deliver on the simple things like…effecting an online money transfer 1 week after..that has signaled the red light. Something horrible is happening at the bank and I dont feel safe anymore.
One more question to ask though…this is important.   …. Did a manager or supervisor at Barclays actually give the instruction verbally or otherwise that Aldrine Nsubuga Snr’s account must be blocked until he tells us where he gets his money???
Does my name appear somewhere on Uganda Police’s most wanted list of known  fraudsters, criminal gangs, money launderes or otherwise?  Is interpol looking for me and I didnt know?   Am I a top opposition politician that my every move is now being watched?
Come on Barclays …am just  a passionate, die hard, fanatical Liverpool supporter. Oh am I made to.understand now that  living for Liverpool is the worst sin that a Barclays bank customer can commit?
So Barclays answer this question… many accounts do you close everyday for depositing hefty sums of money?
Thank God this happened at a time I couldnt turn back to go to the bank physically…..the bank would literally have closed and I would have moved out with all my money  never to mention the word Barclays in my life again.
Being a customer for more tha 20 years means nothing. Being  a prestige customer means nothing. They are Barclays bank.
And that is my story…people.  The banks are turning into our tormentors too.
#BringOnArsenal  wamma on Saturday.

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