Airtel Uganda refunds mobile money deposits and bank to mobile money transfer charges

Airtel Uganda has begun the reimbursement of tax to all its customers who were charged the 1% tax for making mobile money deposits and bank to wallet transfers.

The reimbursement follows a directive from Uganda Revenue Authority, which states that the 1% excise duty previously charged is not applicable to the aforementioned transactions under the Excise Duty (Amendment Act), 2018.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director speaking at press conference. Right is Board Chairman Karuhanga

All Airtel Money subscribers who had transacted in the period between July 1st and 4th 2018 have already received full tax reimbursement.

Making the announcement, Airtel Uganda’s Managing Director, VG Somasekhar highlighted the company’s commitment to compliance.

“Airtel Uganda is 100% compliant to laws and regulation set by Government and regulators. The refunds have already been made.  Our customer care teams will be at your service to handle any issues that may arise, “he said.

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