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‘After investing wisely i am now enjoying my early retirement’ – Allan Kanyike

Meet Uganda’s number one party animal who parties seven days a week at the age of 60

He never misses at any event in town and his name is Allan Kanyike aka Dynamite, a very entertaining Ugandan party animal who worked and lived in London, UK for 25 years. Allan said he invested wisely and what he is enjoying is as a result of that.   

Allan Kanyike dancing with a female singer
Allan Kanyike dancing with a female singer

He is a common face at social events and he exhibits a dance stroke that he has dubbed the ‘Allan Kanyike dance’, after his name. While dancing, he simultaneously moves his hands in a cyclic manner as he pushes his head forward.


It doesn’t matter what the rhythm is, he will pull off the same stroke. He dances and sweats and shouts and sometimes sings. Kanyike likes being captured on cameras so photographers and photojournalists alike are used to him calling them to take his photograph with a friend or stranger. It doesn’t matter who you are, he will want to become your friend.

Sarah Zawedde with Allan Kanyike
Sarah Zawedde with Allan Kanyike

“For clarity i the Dynamite Allan Kanyike worked and lived in the United Kingdom for 25 years in which i was manager for New Connaught Rooms in Central London the biggest Conference and Banqueting for 8 years and worked as a Property Manager for the Queen’s bridge management for 18 years where i managed 42 properties in Central London. This is a fact and not a joke at all,” Allan said.

Allan Kanyike at one of the band's event in town
Allan Kanyike at one of the band’s event in town

And when he gets close, he enjoys telling stories and that if you want to know about him, Google his name. “Music is in my blood. I was born a happy man and music has made me a happier man,” he says.

Until 2012, Kanyike woke up early every morning to go to work in London, at New Connaught Rooms in Central London and at Queen’s Bridge Management Limited where he served as a property manager. After 25 years in United Kingdom, he felt that he had done enough and it was time to return home and enjoy his retirement. He said he spends between 100k – 200k per night.

“President H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for Presidency 2017-2021 is the one who encouraged me Allan Kanyike to invest wisely back home in Uganda where i am now enjoying my early retirement because of his good leadership and security he has put in place around the country. Ever since i returned home 5 years ago i have really enjoyed my self in Uganda. May God bless President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and enable him to accomplish what he started,” Allan Kanyike.


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