Abbas Kaijuka To Headline Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Abbas Kaijuka To Headline Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Africa is taking over significant stakes in the world today: in Music, culture, and even Fashion. And the Ugandan fashion industry will this weekend be registering a win of its own weekend, as a designer, Kaijuka Abbas of Kai’s Divo Collection releases his latest collection.

The latest release from the Ugandan design house and stylist to significant stars within the region is to be unveiled at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in Kigali this Saturday, May 21st, 2022. The fashion showcase that kicked off a three-day affair yesterday will feature numerous designers and fashion personalities from across the continent.

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While speaking on the yet-to-be-seen collection, Abbas explained that the collection, titled rebirth is, “Purified & regal but daring and ready for the new world we are in now after all the madness with the lockdowns!”

This comes off his much-acclaimed showcase at the Janzi Awards, where he showcased a muted 25-piece collection.

The show will be taking place at Crown Conference Hall, in Kigali.

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