7 designers, one stage as Menstrual Shebang Fashion show returns

7 designers, one stage as Menstrual Shebang Fashion show returns

7 top fashion designers will on May 28th take centre stage and showcase at the second edition of the Menstrual Shebang Fashion show.

The show that will take place at Design Hub in industrial area will have the designers use their works to communicate issues that create a movement of Sexual reproductive health and rights positive men and women.

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The show is organized by The Wellbeing Foundation in partnership with Wuzi Africa and last year, they held a successful first edition at MoTIV in Kampala.

The Menstrual Shebang show according to Shyaka Lwanyaaga Farid the Founder of The Wellbeing Foundation, when part of the population’s body rights are violated and can’t be fully productive, it limits the productivity of the whole society/population.

Lwanyaaga also said that by us coming together to solve the problem that limits part of society, we directly contribute to increasing our productivity as the human race and it is the reason why he will do the Menstrual Shebang Fashion show every year on May 28th which is International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

The 7 designers to showcase will include Yasmin Karungi, Musema, Aliad Zoe, Shurea Yasmin, Maggie, Jamila Brown and Bantu.

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