5 things we learned about Samson Kasumba from his first interview out of jail

NBS Television News Anchor and Presenter, Samson Kasumba, was on Tuesday night released from Kira Road Police Station on Police Bond following his Monday night arrest on his way back home from his workplace.

Within that space of time, the Criminal Investigations Directorate also conducted a search at his residence.

Here are 5 things we learnt from his brief chat on NBS Live@9 with Sheila Nduhukire…

1. A man unbroken

With the public desperate for updates earlier on Tuesday morning, Canary Mugume, Samson Kasumba’s colleague at NBS Television, had tweeted that Samson had been in high spirits when he saw him. This was there for all to see in his live interview right after his release as he was jolly, using the opportunity to assure the audiences that he would be at work the next day for business as usual (which he did). He even had time to slot in a short chorus of one of his favorite sings before the interview ended.

2. A proud family man…

Many a public figure will normally move to keep their family life out of the public eye. While sharing a timeline of events in custody, Kasumba also rather candidly broke down the emotions experienced when he sat down with his daughters to talk about what was going on as intelligence officers searched his home. He said that seeing his girls cry was a breaking point for him.

3. A loved workmate/ colleague…

At the start of NBS Television’s extended COVID-19 broadcast, the mood in studio was somber, and one could clearly see how hard Canary Mugume and Sheila Nduhukire were trying to blanket the sadness on their faces.
However, when word filtered through that Kasumba had been released, Canary Mugume rushed to Kira Road Police Station to cover the event live, while Sheila Nduhukire’s face simply lit up… Now, they were struggling to contain their own joy.

4. A man driven by truth

Albeit shockingly to many of the viewers and observers, Kasumba was full of appreciation for the professionalism of the Uganda Police Force officers he interacted with through his custody.
For many, the Police is one of the biggest human rights violators in Uganda. And yet here was Kasumba acknowledging their professionalism at a time where he could have gone for cheap popularity and falsely claimed abuse.
Kasumba had also earlier been credited by Police spokesman, Fred Enanga, for his co-operation with them, something that could explain the smooth interactions above.

5. A meticulous owner

Kasumba’s narration of how his arrest unfolded also placed a spotlight on something many will have missed watching him go about his business on our TV screens… how particular he is with his property.
He prefers to open the doors to his van himself for Police checks and prefers to have it driven in a particular way. In fact, he articulated that the man who drove it from the point of arrest was the only hint of unprofessionalism he encountered while under Police custody for he drove it quite recklessly.
Men and their cars? We’ll leave that to you.

Until then, Kasumba is expected to report to Kira Road Police Station on Monday, 27th April, 2020. As per his lawyer, Nicholas Opiyo, in an interview with NBS Television shortly after Kasumba’s release, it is then that they hope to know what exact charges are preferred against the flamboyant news anchor.

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