10 reasons why NRM delegates should vote Hon. Jacob Oulanyah

1. Oulanyah is dependable, conciliatory and has the energy to reinvigorate the party, and is a cadre who has exhibited absolute, day and night loyalty to the party.

2. Oulanyah doesn’t attack the party or President Museveni for convenience. Oulanyah is a leader who stands to take both the blame and the credit, and sticks with the party under all circumstances.

3. Oulanyah is down to earth, and his humility is known. He connects and blends with the high, the low and the mighty, and has never allowed his national assignments to make him look down on the cadreship of the party. He serves all with utmost respect.

4. Oulanyah has the intellectual stamina to defend the party, its Chairman President Museveni, it’s policies and vision.

5. Oulanyah abhors hypocrisy. He is with you during day as he is with you at night.

6. Oulanyah has national name recognition and international stature to market the party.

7. Oulanyah understands policies, laws and Uganda’s governance systems. He deploys that energy to the party’s advantage.

8. Oulanyah never attacks the President in public. His respect and loyalty to the party leader is unquestioned.

9. Oulanyah unites and respects fellow leaders. He knows that leadership is a shared responsibility.

10. Oulanyah has no envy or hate. Oulanyah is mobile, deployable, astute and firm!

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