Tycoon Musya takes over TNS with singer Shakira Shakiraa

Tycoon Musya takes over TNS with singer Shakira Shakiraa

Team No Sleep (TNS) is one of the music labels that have elevated the music career of most of the young Ugandan artistes.

The label that is known to be owned by Jeff Kiwa has helped manage and promote music from artistes like Sheebah, Grenade, Pallaso, Roden Y Kabako and late Akay 47 among others.

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The label has since then seen artistes join and leave and the recent news we got is that there has been another player in the background and since then, his name had never been mentioned anywhere.

Musya, whose instagram name is BigDealMusya is the biggest shareholder of Team No Sleep and it is said that even the times when Sheebah was at her peak, it was Musya putting in the money in promotion and management.

When Sheebah left in January, Musya signed Shakira Shakirah to the label and she is the project TNS is pushing. There is talk that Musya has decided to focus on Shakira Shakira to make her a big name like what he did for Sheebah Karungi.

Musya is a tycoon and socialite who doesn’t sound so much in the social scenes and only prefers to enjoy his life with friends and other members of TNS.

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