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Badman excited by Medi Moore deal

Denzel Shantel- April 20, 2017

South African based Ugandan singer N0. 1 Suspect Badman is over the moon after he signed a lucrative deal with loaded promote Medi Moore. Medi ... Read More

Medi Moore signs deal with N0.1 Suspect Badman

Denzel Shantel- April 19, 2017

South African based music promoter and money lord Medi Moore, One of the commonest Big Boys Based in South Africa and a well known  spending ... Read More

Rich Gang faces extinction as new money generation takes over in South Africa

Denzel Shantel- June 15, 2016

Rich Gang step aside, new moneybags are in town! South African based Ugandans are well known for their ways of splashing cash like there is ... Read More

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