Songer Writer Taine In Her New Single “Static”

Songer Writer Taine In Her New Single “Static”

Fresh Talent, new independent Ugandan performer, self-taught songwriter, and record producer Taine has dropped her very first single called Static and for sure it is another international banger.

TAINE originally conceptualized, produced, and wrote her debut song ‘Static’ as it was later enhanced, mixed, and mastered by producer Axon and musician Joshua Baraka hence that international touch.

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According to Blizz Uganda snoops, Taine’s performances tend to involve intricate movement, singing, and audience interaction.

In the studio, she is inspired by various genres of music like alternative pop, Afro beats/afro-fusion, and hip hop, and continues to infuse them into her original creations.

This new single Static is primarily a low-tempo dance song that can be best enjoyed in a live atmosphere. It is a cocktail of different genres.

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