Second Edition of iKon Awards Unveiled in Glittering Ceremony at Kampala Serena Hotel

Second Edition of iKon Awards Unveiled in Glittering Ceremony at Kampala Serena Hotel

On Monday, September 18th, 2023, Reach A Hand Uganda, in partnership with a consortium of prestigious collaborators, including Next Media Services, proudly launched the highly anticipated second edition of the iKon Awards at the illustrious Kampala Serena Hotel.

The event, attended by luminaries from the film and television industry, featured actors, directors, screenwriters, and esteemed partners of the iKon Awards, and marked the inaugural step in a series of festivities leading up to the grand award gala slated for March 23th, 2024, also to be held at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

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Humphrey Nabimanya, the visionary founder behind the iKon Awards, took the stage with unwavering conviction, reiterating the awards’ resolute dedication to their mission of educating, connecting, and celebrating Uganda’s exceptionally talented filmmakers.

“I firmly believe that this platform not only nurtures talent but also elevates the standards of filmmaking in Uganda. Our nation boasts remarkable talent, and it is imperative that we promote and support the creation of local content. This is an investment in our future,” he passionately asserted.

The event also welcomed Joe Kigozi, Chief Strategy Officer at Next Media Services and Chairman of the Board at Reach A Hand Uganda, who extended his assurance to industry stakeholders regarding the Media Hub’s steadfast support for Uganda’s film industry.

“At the hub, our commitment to the film industry remains unshaken. We will continue to champion events like the iKon Awards and steadfastly support Uganda’s cinematic narrative. Establishing a distinctive brand identity for our film industry is paramount, and initiatives like this bring together the diverse elements of our cinematic ecosystem,” he elucidated.

Adding to the excitement, nominees for this year’s iKon Awards were presented with certificates acknowledging their well-deserved nominations. This ceremonial gesture amplifies the anticipation surrounding the upcoming awards gala as the industry eagerly anticipates the recognition of this year’s cinematic luminaries.

James K. Tumusiime, Country Director of Reach A Hand Uganda, emphasized the organization’s unwavering commitment to innovative youth engagement: “As an organization focused on engaging and nurturing young people, it is imperative for us to continuously innovate and devise creative methods to engage them, ensuring access to information and facilitating their full participation in the development process.”


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