Robot Boii thrills revelers at the Smirnoff Fiesta

Robot Boii thrills revelers at the Smirnoff Fiesta

Performing at the Smirnoff Fiesta last Wednesday, Robot Boii who appeared on stage a few minutes past 11pm, got the crowd in a frenzy when he introduced himself with the popular phrase “Roboto Roboto” in his song Salary Salary.

Clad in black and his signature bucket hat look, Robot Boii delivered an energetic but rather brief performance that got revelers jamming to Oksalayo and everyone’s favorite, Salary salary.

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Joined by DJ Lindash, the versatile Robot Boii ably pulled off the show coupled with Amapiano dance moves that only Amapiano lovers danced along to, making his performance worth every minute.

Speaking to the Fiesta, Judie Nandekya the Smirnoff brand manager said that Smirnoff is tapping into different popular culture aspects to appeal to and relate more to its consumers, one of them being music.

As one of the quickest growing music trends today, Amapiano was the best fit for the debut Fiesta to deliver a vibrant and bold experience to consumers not, she added.The Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiestas are countrywide music experiences that began with the Kampala edition and will traverse different parts of the country, giving consumers the most anticipated edgy vibe as set by the debut Fiesta.

The debut fiesta also featured music mixes from Kamapla’s DJ Vanss, Thee Ugandan Babe, Dj Etania, Melodic Inversions, DJ Kash Pro, and DJ Mark, hosted by Sammy Wetala and Zam Zion.

The next Fiesta will happen at Uganda Martyr’s University-Nkozi in February to further immerse consumers in another exciting Fiesta experience by Smirnoff.

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