Quin to unleash ‘Mona The Boss Chic’ movie

Quin to unleash ‘Mona The Boss Chic’ movie

Quin Mona has unleashed her movie talent by starring in a new movie titled ‘Mona The Boss Chic’.

The movie directed by Nelly J Kiss is set to be released soon and movie experts have predicted that it will give other movie a run for their money.

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In the movie which is about love, betrayal and hate, Mona is a rich boss bae who has money fame and everyone wants to marry her. She doesn’t believe in love, she works in an office at the same time runs a boutique.

Mona parties all night and day.
But then one day she meets a guy who steals her heart. Lucas so handsome and a church guy who gave up on love because he was hurt by Emily. When she left, he was hurt and doesnt want any woman to take him.

The movie is about love
Betrayal and hate and in case you want to be part of its premiere, WhatsApp on 0701229574

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