PROFILE: Meet Brenda Magara(Bree), a social entrepreneur and Sunday Voice of Sanyu FM

PROFILE: Meet Brenda Magara(Bree), a social entrepreneur and Sunday Voice of Sanyu FM

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020, Uganda’s oldest FM station Sanyu FM kicked of a rebranding process meant to drive it back to the top.

Renowned radio veteran Roger Mugisha was hired to oversee the revamp and branding process.
This meant new faces had to come in. The likes of Fat Boy who had been at the station for decades went through the exit door, In came new faces.

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One of the new ones that came through the door is Brenda Magara, known as Bree on the airwaves.
Big bummed and charming Bree has steadily been rising as a talented presenter.
For those who know her, Bree knows her stuff. She’s eloquent and definitely articulate.
She is already Mceeing at functions because of her irresistible soothing voice.

Ever since she came in the 88.2 airwaves, Bree has become major force on Sundays. Her voice has been compared to Crystal Newman, her first cousin.

But who is this Bree?
Born in Ibanda in western Uganda, Bree has always had a knack for radio. She has a super sexy voice for starters.
And because of her flexibility on air, Bree has hosted a number of programs that include; Intimate Connection Wind Down Zone or Sunday evenings. She’s the Sunday voice.

Brenda(Bree) is also a social entrepreneur and Radio personality passionate about story telling, poetry and inspiring young people on how to invest their energy in doing work they love, that also solves problems in their communities.

Bree has over 7 years experience in customer care and relationship management where she has fostered reciprocal relationships and created client centric systems that replace clients pain with smiles of satisfaction in real time.

As a social entrepreneur, Bree has invested in a number of initiatives under the Girls in Action movement and ‘Good Vibes’ that continue to inspire people on how to create lives of purpose and meaning.

Bree is a Tony Elumelu fellow 2018, a competitive fellowship programme that supports 1,000 entrepreneurs in Africa every year out of over 200,000 applications.

Bree is a media enthusiast keen on reaching out to different audiences through broadcast and E media platforms.

She is also into business running a shop that that sales beautiful pieces for ladies.
“I sell must have pieces that help to raise their esteem and know their worth.,” she told us.
The shop is located on SN Plaza Ntinda Kigoowa Road Room 11.

Tune to Sanyu FM (88.2) to listen and get to know more about Bree.
You can also get her on Facebook: Brenda Magara, then twitter and Instagram is @brendiebai.
On Tik Tok, she uses @Bree2240.

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