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Pictorial: Top on the chat, who fired up social media today

Today we picked what went on social media regarding the lovers of camera. Here they are; 
Sheilah Parker
She is a true socialite who is not afraid of slaying and here we go again.
Judith Heard
Today she decided to unleash bikini in black and white. May be she was celebrating Black Lives Matter.
Lisa Mandy
She is based in Helsinki Finland and today she decided slaying along the streets in Finland.

Natacha Ndahiro
This Rwanda beauty is such a stunning babe  and slaying is part of her life.

Carol Nantongo
Diva is on form these days. Today she  looked smashing.
Mr. Mosh Live
Television personality rocked us as he headed to NTV Uganda for his ChezadotCom show on Spark TV.
Tinah Teise
She knows when it is time to slay and she is no doubt best at it.
Sheilah Carol Gashumba & Gods Plan 

They are the showbiz couple of the moment and this is surely their right time to slay. They look amazing together.

Jenny Nasasira
Media personality and model is these days on form, giving us different poses every minute.
Sheilat Mulungi
She calls herself Quin Ov Hearts and she is truly treating us to her stunning poses these days.
Lolah Adhama
Model and fashionista is one lady who knows how to slay off and she has tempting poses.

Debie Kagisha
She is a regular in these pages and we are surprised about slaying ways. She is a top notch slay queen in town.
Jamie Jameo 
One of the most common faces on social scene. She is one of those amazing ladies on the scene. Today she decided to slay in yellow promoting scientific elections.

Asma Uwase
This commercial model is surely not letting the game down. She looks stunning in slay photos.
Mrs. Bainomugisha
This member of Traveling Girlfriends group is a top poser in front of the camera. We have her too today. Today was also a special day as she received her birthday gift of a brand new Mercedez Benz  from her bae.
Mwaj Ahmed

T he fashionista is on top of her game, she is ever dazzling in front of a camera.

Alicia Bosschic 
She surely had to slay as she celebrated surviving ‘footibishi’ with a car her own. Her slaying ways are paying off!!!

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