Pictorial: Glamour & Glitz as friends threw a surprise birthday bash to Gabriel Lukwago aka Gabby

Pictorial: Glamour & Glitz as friends threw a surprise birthday bash to Gabriel Lukwago aka Gabby

When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the ‘The Great Gatsby’, he was desiring to produce something “extraordinary and beautiful” which is what Gabriel Lukwago aka Gabby’s friends emulated in the surprise birthday party they made for him on Sunday. 

Birthday boy; Gabriel Lukwago aka Gabby being entertained by legendary singer Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba

This exquisite birthday party had a dramatic 1920’s boutique English luxury feel. Black and gold shimmer and a fabulous gleaming bespoke gold-mirrored monogrammed decor was to die for. Drinks, dancing, good food, great friends, just living the night away footloose and fancy free.

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Anita ushers in the birthday boy Gabby. He was designed by Nic of The Look while Anita was designed by Kai’s Divo Collection of Abbas Kaijuka

This Great Gatsby themed celebration took place at Skyz Hotel Naguru that is known for it’s beautiful views and touch of class. The brilliant band played popular dance anthems as guests enjoyed cocktails at the Deck that beautifully set up in the cocktail way with a mirrored bar where they were tendered to by professional cocktail bar flares.

It was the most luxurious surprise Gabby has ever had. His friends outfitted in the fashion of the Roaring Twenties–flapper dresses, silk gloves, tuxedos, top hats–to revel the night away under swinging aerialists and the glitter of disco balls.the booze, fanfare, and decadence that so defined who Gabby is.

The Ladies in the picture were designed by Kaijuka Abbas of Kai’s Divo Collection and Tina Brad Store respectively

Transporting you back to a world of sophistication, glitz, and glamour, with character and charisma, Barbra Among of B-Among Events & Decor who was the in charge person out did herself.

“I was really surprised, a friend of mine tricked me. She said it was a gatsby party for a friend and I was her plus one but when I got here I was really surprised and I saw all my friends here. I didn’t expect this. Iam blessed to have each one of them,” Gabby told Showbiz Uganda.

Each of Gabby’s friends had something beautiful to say about him and you could see it allover their faces as they talked.
“I have known Gabby for many years and he is a close friend of mine. I was excited when I was told about the party. I immediately ran to Nic of The Look Shop have my wear made because Gabby is a man of class. I had to be class.” Arnold Kauba noted.

Tattu Tamale who has been Gabby’s friend for over 20 years noted that everyone went with the theme, something that was unique from the normal. “It took us about a month to plan all this but was hard to keep it a secret from him because he is close to us and usually accesses all our phones so we had to think outside the box and Iam glad we pulled this off”

The party was graced by Madoxx Ssemanda Sematimba who gave Gabby the thrills as he danced and sang along with the legend. It was a beautiful day that will not be matched.

The birthday celebrations were mainly about his nature as a very good person that his friends came up with a surprise idea deserving of him ‘A celebration of true friendship’.

The Birthday boy wore three suits on the night and were made by Nic of ‘The Looks Shop’ who also designed Arnold Kauba.

Also on the night, they were designs by Kaijuka Abbas of Kai’s Divo Collection and Tina Brad Store.

The Band was by Joel Kisakye Music, Cake from Bakes by Spencer, Juice by Dalausi Juices, Live performances by legendary Maddox Sematimba and Mudra, MC of the night William Batte while Timothy Lutwama of Twama Photography was on camera, Cocktails by Amplified bar attenders.

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