Opipi Models On Expansion Mission

Opipi modeling agency in Kenya was launched in April last year but in a short time, it has grown so fast to the extent that it has already worked with over five big celebrities in Kenya and looking forward to do more.Sexy and smart: Opipi Models Sexy and smart: Opipi Models

It has worked with Jua Cali, Kidum ,Prezzo and Carnibal, Nameless Video, Keko ft Madtraxx. Opipi is now on expansion drive and the agency is currently working with Jaguar and Nyanda from Jamaica in promoting their music.Opipi meets and welcomes Akon in Nairobi for some business meetingOpipi meets and welcomes Akon in Nairobi for some business meeting

The agency promotes local and international music for big and good talented artists all over Africa.

He said, the agency leading in regards of working with celebs and they give the best hospitality via marketing.

Opipi revealed that he is working on getting a deal with Akon under his label Konvict music as Akon’s personal East African marketer whose mandate will be identifying talent and nature artists. Opipi added that they are very reliable and the agency is the key marketer to all videos by Clarence Peters..that includes 70% percent of Nigerian videos.


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