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OLINDABA- Irene Ntale

Over the past year, Irene has come out to be one of Uganda’s new sensations. Every hit she releases seems to shoot through to the listeners’ hearts immediately. Most people are finding it easy to relate to her music. Well I guess everyone was crafted out with the own special gift.

Irene Ntale

Olindaba is one of Irene’s latest tracks that has been out for a while now. In this one, Irene is singing about a man, “Sewa”, that she dreams of marrying. She goes all African on this love by offering him a wide array of foods to concur his heart. I guess she proves the phrase “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” because according to the video, ‘Sewa’ ends up with her. Clearly Irene is taking this stalking thing to another level altogether. First, she has the guy’s contacts and knows where he lives and now she’s obsessed to the extent that she imagines a wedding and goes ahead to cook for the guy. What is more psycho than this!

One of the most distinct things about Irene Ntale is her sexy husky voice. The extents she goes with her voice never cease to impress. One would expect a voice like that to have a limit but she cracks our thoughts open by hitting notes no one expects her to. This song has a very groovy feel to it. It has clearly become the new anthem for all traditional weddings. Irene, like the bride’s gown, has become a necessity on most wedding budgets.

This Swangz Avenue diva is surely leaving her stamp on the Uganda music scene and that signature is going to stay for a while. Her consistence in releasing hits is still astonishing. Many didn’t think she would last on the scene for this long but here she is surviving, even in this ‘Sheebah era’.

Well, we here wish her the best in her endless music ventures and hope you, our readers, will continue supporting Ugandan music and Showbiz Uganda.

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