Nxt Radio’s “Ziki Za” a breath of fresh air for Ugandan radio

For more than 2 months now, Ugandans have been stuck indoors and not been able to attend events or watch their favorite musicians perform as they’d been used to. During this period, Nxt Radio introduced a segment dubbed “Nxt Ziki Za,” where listeners get to watch a pair of their favorite artistes perform LIVE in the radio studios.

The show, a first of its kind on Ugandan radio, has so far run 3 episodes, with Levixone & Exodus coming first, before Nina Roz & Karole Kasita, and then Geosteady & Allan Toniks took to the event.

The concept sees the artistes perform their hit singles while also complimenting the other artiste as they perform their songs. The listeners are then encouraged to send in their questions for the musicians which makes for an interactive experience.

Nxt Radio’s Brand Manager, and also Situationship show host, Sabrina Agasha, said, “From the 3 episodes, many have usually wanted to term it a battle, which it is far from.”

“The idea is to celebrate Ugandan music and collaboration, hence having two artistes we feel have a few things in common coming in to sing together,” Agasha added.

Social media activity has also shown that the Media Plaza-based’s audience also get to nominate whichever artists they would like to see on the show.

The show has been among the popular trending topics across social media each time it has aired.

#NxtZikiZa (the hashtag I goes by on Twitter) happens every Thursday at 5pm and is hosted by Ronnie McVex. Nxt Radio can be listened to LIVE via 106.1FM or livestreamed via Uganda’s first audio-visual radio station can also be watched on StarTimes Channel 243, with highlights of the show also available via the Nxt Radio social media platforms. (@nxtradioug)

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