Naava, Ntale and Ntaate prove their worth at classy Baileys Picnic Safari Affair

Naava, Ntale and Ntaate prove their worth at classy Baileys Picnic Safari Affair

Kampala: The Baileys Picnic Safari will forever remain etched in the memory of the hundreds of revellers that flocked the Kampala Serena Helipad Gardens on Saturday May 7, for the ultimate outdoor music experience.

From the astonishing costumes donned by the three ladies on the day, the dazzling live performances, the Baileys treats to the luxurious setup, the sensational musical concert sealed its place as Kampala’s most classy outdoor lifestyle event.

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Although the day started with an early morning shower, the weather cleared by 10am, giving Fenon Events a chance to outdo themselves to deliver the classiest outdoor event setup.
The Kampala Serena Hotel brought their 5-star touch at the event, and revelers tried to keep time to be able to enjoy the spectacular glitz and glamour that the Baileys-sponsored event offered in plenty.

Musically, the combination of the three Ns, Ntale, Naava and Ntaate was everything revelers hadn’t seen in a long time.
The ladies delivered dazzling live performances.

Gabbie Ntaate set the perfect mood with her divinely-inspired songs, which she delivered effortlessly with her amazing voice.
Naava Grey was simply deep. She seemed to enjoy herself even more than the audience, probably because she was performing before the right crowd.
The audience sang and danced along to almost each of her songs.

Then came Irene Ntale; she brought a whole different vibe to the event, as she strung her guitar and sang her songs with ease, but confidently.
Backed by celebrated saxophonist Joseph Sax, they delivered an acoustic performance that she had never done in her entire career ever.

Ntale kept engaging the audience, asking them to clap and scream whenever they felt the music had gotten exciting. The audience responded positively and gleefully.

The show climaxed with the multi-talented Black Roots Academy of Soul Band that brought its own magic to the stage.

Led by Jazz Safari founder and show Organiser Tshaka Mayanja, who plays the bass, the band did not only excite, but introduced some new amazing musical talents to watch out for.
Julius Sese and Tonya Mitchel Ahenda clearly stood out.

The band ensured the event ended on a high, as they got revelers on their feet with a blend of soul, jazz and reggae jams.

Baileys Brand manager, Ms Annette Nakiyaga re-emphasized that Baileys is not only the world’s best-selling cream liqueur, but it’s one of the most desired adult treats.

“The Baileys Picnic Safari was a simple reminder of what we have all been missing; the amazing live music in a classy comfortable setting. As a brand, we are proud and grateful to our consumers that turned up to enjoy the iconic Baileys drink, the great picnic moments and the best live music performances there’s been in a very long time,” Baileys Brand Manager Annet Nakiyaga said.

The lip-smacking delicious Baileys liqueur is a blend of aged Irish whiskey and luscious Irish diary cream with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

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