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Miss and Mr Expendables into final round

The Miss and Mr. Expendables contest is down into final round according to Group admin Keyrah Minaj.

Keyrah Minaj

The competition is heading into the final each side with three make finalists as; Gasa Na 3.6k likes, Eddie Mutwe 2.6k likes and Mutebi Farooq King 2.1k likes while female finalists are Ruthie Nabz (Ruth Nabukeera) 2.6k likes, Joe Kutesa Joey 1.6k likes and Grace Khan 1.6 k likes.

Ruthie Nabz

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in the MR and Miss Expendables. As we head into our final round, I would like to inform you that i can’t list all the names that participated…. But i will post the names of the three final contestants. If the points I put are wrong correct me later i will post their pictures and we vote them till 3rd may when the two winners will each walk away with 500,000shs. That’s ONE MILLION to be given away.
The runner up male will take 100k while Female 150k.

The finalists are;

1. Gasa Na 3.6 k
2. Eddie Mutwe 2.6k
3. Mutebi Farooq King 2.1k

1. Ruthie Nabz 2.6k
2. Joe Kutesa Joey 1.6k
3. Grace Khan 1.6 k

If there’s any contestant refuting the above please put your complaint here we look into it but keep in mind we put other opportunities to win and you stood firm. Before complaining refer to the rules we put,” Keyrah Minaj posted.

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