Lydia Jazmine, Spice Diana, Naava Grey To Headline Imara Girls Festival

Lydia Jazmine, Spice Diana, Naava Grey To Headline Imara Girls Festival

In an exclusive event dedicated to celebrating and empowering women, singer Lydia Jazmine recently shared the challenges faced by her charity organization, Silent Voices. Founded in December 2020, the organization had encountered setbacks and had not achieved its intended success by 2023.

During the launch of the Imara Girls Festival at the Forum for Women in Democracy offices in Ntinda, Kampala on September 7, Jazmine openly discussed the primary obstacle that had impeded the progress of Silent Voices: the global COVID-19 pandemic. This unforeseen crisis had compelled her to suspend the organization’s operations due to the immense challenges it posed.

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Addressing the attendees, Jazmine stated, “You all have witnessed my sincere efforts with the organization I initiated some time ago, which, unfortunately, did not thrive. The COVID-19 pandemic forced me to suspend its operations due to the daunting circumstances.”

Jazmine also shared her motivation for participating in the Imara Girls Festival, emphasizing her dedication to revitalizing her dream of empowering girls and women. She believed that the festival shared the same vision she had for her organization, making it a natural fit for her to get involved.

“I have always harbored the aspiration of empowering girls and women through my organization. Recognizing that the festival aligns with this very goal, I felt compelled to join forces with them,” Jazmine explained.

Expressing her strong desire to reinvigorate her dream, Jazmine looked forward to the festival, scheduled to take place on September 16 at Kati Kati Grounds in Kampala.

It is worth noting that several celebrities have established organizations aimed at assisting and inspiring youth, the less fortunate, and marginalized individuals. Notable figures in this philanthropic endeavor include Desire Luzinda, Maurice Hassa, Grace Nakimera, The Ganda Boys, and Bebe Cool.

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