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Kayla living her dream as a model

Young model Birungi Kayla, 20, had always wanted to be a model since she was young and she has fulfilled her dream.

Kayla Birungi

Kayla loves working in the environment that is about beauty, fashion, photography and she enjoys modeling all the time.

The fast rising model who is 170cm tall, Bust-32, Waist-22 and Hips-34 wants to become a super model.

Her future plan is to work with different designers all over the world and travel the world while enjoying what she love most ‘Photography’.

“My life as a model is always fun and my confidence is extremely intense now than before, i love working with different models, the parting plus the attention I get as a model,” Kayla said.

The model wished she played basketball at her early age reasoning out that maybe she would have been taller now.

Twitter @kayla66144659
Instagram @worthbae

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