Johnnie Walker Lights Up La Venti’s Najjera Fest with Unforgettable Bottle Turn Up Experience

Johnnie Walker Lights Up La Venti’s Najjera Fest with Unforgettable Bottle Turn Up Experience

On Sunday, the annual Najjera Fest celebrations was one for the books as Johnnie Walker Uganda brought its signature bottle turn up experience to life at La Venti Kitchen and Bar in Najjera.

Sundays at the popular hangout spot are known to be a hit, but for those who showed up last night, it was a completely different new experience; the night was ablaze with excitement and glamour that only Johnnie Walker could ignite!

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The evening was an electrifying showcase of luxury and revelry, making it an unforgettable affair.
The highlight of course was the exclusive bottle service; with each bottle an artwork in itself, meticulously designed to match the grandeur of the occasion.

Yet, the excitement didn’t stop at the stunning bottles. Partygoers also got an opportunity to revel in the carefully crafted Johnnie Walker cocktails that turned out the crowd’s favorite.

The Striding Berry Fizz; featuring Johnnie Walker Red Label, a burst of lemon juice, simple syrup, mixed berry juice topped with a chilled Krest sent taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of flavors.

On the menu was also the Tangy ‘Johnnie Colada,’ a mixture of Johnnie Walker Black Label, lemon juice, simple syrup, pineapple juice and coconut water, creating a symphony of tastes that tantalized partygoers’ palates.

Christine Kyokunda, the Johnnie Walker Uganda Brand Manager, couldn’t hide her joy about how serving a one-of-a-kind unforgettable experience at La Venti’s Najjera Fest; she highlighted that such milestones embody the spirit of progress that Johnnie Walker stands for.

“Johnnie Walker Uganda is excited to have given the Laventi customers and the people of Najjera an unforgettable experience. Such celebrations symbolize the spirit of progress, a pillar that denotes Johnnie Walker’s attribute as a brand,” she said.

Christine further emphasized that experiences like this are not a one-off, but shall soon spread across different spaces in Kampala and other parts of the country as Johnnie Walker’s Bottle Turn Up experiences.

The Najjera Fest also boasted an ensemble of top-tier DJs from all around Africa; the iconic Walkers DJ- Slick Stuart partnered with Mc Timothy Code, and they surely kept the crowd on their feet as they sang along to their mixes.

Other entertainers like DJ YK Mule from Nigeria, DJ Malaika from Kenya, DJ Roja, Fem DJ, DJ Lito, DJ Mahad and Don DJ, also rocked the crowd with a fusion of Afro beats, Amapiano, Genge vibes from Kenya, and Uganda’s hottest hits.

In the end, it was fit to conclude that the Najjera Fest was a unique celebration that offered an unforgettable Johnnie Walker experience, and a high energy musical journey that spanned continents.

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