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‘I can’t stand a one-minute man, he must make me finish well‘- Sexy Winnie talks about love life and TV career

Ayebare Winnie Success is a young talented TV personality working with Mulago Kubiri based ‘Now TV Uganda’. She also doubles as the face of the young TV station. She hosts an entertainment show.

Showbiz Uganda team caught up with her and this is what she had to say about her life secrets and TV career.

You look young, fresh and gorgeous, don’t men hit on you on a daily basis?

Winnie: Hahah. Ofcourse they do but I handle them. Actually some of them fear me.  I think my beauty scares them away. Shockingly, I find myself gorgeous. I am normal.

Well when did you start your TV Career?

Winnie: I started way back in 2016 while in my S4 Vacation. I was home and realized my future was at a standstill. There was no hope of joining A level since my parents were really financially strained.

Like any other vacist, I started trying out different things. I was connected by a friend to a company that needed actresses. I joined and started acting. While acting I still realized I loved entertainment and my friends encouraged me to try it out on TV.

 One of my friends wrote a proposal and I took it to Fresh TV. After demos, I was told I would be called but then they never. When I followed up, they told me I can come in and join. I started working with Fresh TV but spent the whole one year with no pay.

So you stopped studying at S4?

Winnie: Yes because there was no money home. But I later managed to do a course that is equivalent to A Level and now at University in my first year.

So life at Fresh TV and no pay, how were you handling?

Winnie: It was so hard but what I can recall is I used to work during the day and in the evening I go and stay with a friend or go back to my parents home. I would get some hand outs that would make me survive but deep inside my heart I knew I would make it. And here I am now. Secondly I pray and live on prayers on a daily basis.

With all life uncertainties, didn’t you get tempted to get a man and get married?

Winnie: Nop. I didn’t. I knew all I wanted in life and no one would divert me at all. Secondly I used to spend much of my time at Church praying. So when you pray you get hope.

It was one time rumored that sex for job works well with you?

Winnie: Nah. I actually also when my parents learnt that I was joining TV, they suspected that the people that gave me the job first slept with me. It was so wrong. I did my tests and passed and was given a job. I have never slept with my boss for a job.

So now tell us, does your TV show at Now TV Uganda really pay for your bills and lifestyle?

Winnie: Yes it really does. I have always loved entertainment since childhood. It almost separated me from my Dad. So I put in all efforts and I am paid so well. I don’t complain.

At University, what course are you studying and why that course?

Winnie: I am studying fashion and style. I want to work on TV, Make the money and invest it into Fashion. As my TV career keeps growing, I also want to grow my business.

Are your parents now proud of you?

Winnie: They are very happy and proud of me. They really love what I am doing and even forgot that they once saw me as a spoiled young chap?

You mean they used to think you are spoilt?

Winnie: At one time, my Dad thought I have so many boys and men dating me. It was because he saw me so cute and knew I sleep around. I have come to prove them wrong. I am happy too.

Fair enough, are you now dating? Do you have plans of getting married and give birth?

Winnie: Hah.. I don’t know if I am dating to be honest to you. I don’t know if I am dating. Right now I can’t say much about marriage and kids. All I can say everything will happen at its right time.

Okay, be honest, between money and sex, what comes first to you?

Winnie: This is a hard one but what I know all the two go along. You must be having money to have me. I don’t believe in broke guys.

Eh, you look one who can demand a lot from a man, how many minutes do you want to last on you when having sex?

Winnie: Why talk a lot about sex? Well, I can’t stand a man who fails to make me finish first. Those one who last five minutes, I cant stand at all. He must satisfy me.

You are demanding for good sex, money and all, don’t you think youre asking for what we all ask from God? This is too much.

Winnie: Well, I also have a good side of me. As I demand for all that, I also give out the best.

Your last remarks Winnie…

Winnie: My fans continue watching my program and show. Support me and love me.

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