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Get friends who can stand by you in tough times

Air hostess and motivational speaker, Zamarad Twaha, has some good message for us. She has advised people to befriend people who will with them during tough times.

Many people have been disappointed and betrayed by so called friends and said there is need for people to choose their friends wisely.

“Choose a Friend Who Stands By You in the Tough Times. It’s so easy for us to be good friends in the fun times. There’s all kinds of laughter and joyful moments, and those times make relationships easy. But who are the people who stand by you when times turn tough? Those are your true friends. Those are the people that get that life doesn’t always go the way we plan. It’s much harder to stand by someone that’s having a tough time, so choosing a friend that is strong enough to be the shoulder to cry on or hold your hand when it’s needed is a wise choice. Remember quality over quantity,” Twaha said.

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